Respond to Airport Noise Changes – Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand (ANMOD)

With ANMOD (Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand) you can rapidly address airspace noise changes, at locations you’re not currently monitoring, to build community tolerance. Cost-effectively deliver publicly trusted information regarding local noise.

Accurately assess airport noise changes

Temporarily measure before and after operational changes to know actual differences in noise exposure. The subscription service lets you:

  • Have facts about the effects of change close to where modifications have been made
  • Ensure planning decisions are based on correct assumptions
  • Verify fixed noise monitoring terminal locations before committing to installation
  • Achieve maximum flexibility without tying up airport capital in monitoring equipment that’s only used for short periods

Effectively respond to community concerns

Use the service to conduct community-focused, short-term projects to respond to complaints.

  • Build the public’s confidence by sharing factual data when real or perceived changes occur
  • Verify noise contours when complaints are received
  • Use the Community App to show sound levels change in response to noise heard

Key features

ANMOD comes complete with everything needed for a monitoring project.

  • Easy set up with the Noise Monitoring Terminal Manager App that displays data flowing before you leave a site
  • Calculate thresholds after data collection to ensure the right settings are applied
  • Simply order and quickly deploy the system to immediately begin recording real-time sound levels
  • The service’s portable noise monitoring terminals can be leased for as short as four weeks or as long as necessary
  • Noise monitoring instruments are configured to operate with our ANOMS and NoiseDesk noise management systems
airport noise monitoring on demand


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