Airport Environment Management

Nurture your airport’s social license to operate and grow. Our airport environment management solutions enable you to efficiently monitor, manage and report your exposure while improving community relations.

Achieve airport operational goals

Communities are becoming more sensitive about how aviation activity affects their lives. Our on-site and online systems improve noise abatement programs to enhance community engagement and help airports achieve their business goals. Our trusted solutions deliver:

  • Environmental monitoring and management to know what’s happening and minimize exposure
  • Flight track/procedural monitoring to increase compliance rates and develop future policies
  • Regulatory compliance reporting to prove you’re meeting environmental obligations
  • Credible and transparent communications to nurture your social license to operate and grow

Airport environment management

Airports are noisy and the activities surrounding them can be disruptive to people living and working in the vicinity.

Noise from aircraft take-off and landing can affect people’s ability to sleep, communicate, and relax – leading to increased stress and deteriorating health.

As good corporate citizens, airports must understand and minimize impacts while meeting regulatory requirements.

Understanding community annoyance

For decades, aviation noise management strategies were founded on the premise that community annoyance is directly linked to noise exposure levels. But it’s becoming clear there are other non-acoustic factors at play. Annoyance can be amplified by unmet community expectations and lack of trust due to poor perceptions of transparency and engagement.

To sustainably grow, airports must ensure their facts are clear, debate is informed and all voices are heard. Benefits of aviation must balance with its impacts. New technology focused on reducing annoyance magnifiers is playing a key role in helping find this balance.

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Airport noise and flight tracks

Reliable data on airport operations and noise exposure is essential for ensuring community impacts are understood and showing that agreed actions are implemented.

Accurate flight tracking provides information on where aircraft fly and monitoring of compliance with noise abatement procedures. Trusted information is a vital cornerstone for effective community engagement programs that reduce annoyance.

Learn more about our solutions that monitor airport noise levels and flight tracks

Reporting airport environmental compliance

Airports must report operational regulatory compliance and show commitments made in Noise Action Plans are being met by delivering high-quality noise and flight track data.

Accurate data is required to ensure noise abatement programs are effective and that stakeholders see information as credible.

This information helps airports prove to regulators they are meeting planning conditions and environmental commitments.

Learn more about our systems that enable reporting of airport environmental compliance

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Airport community engagement and noise complaints

New operations and airport growth typically lead airports along a noise management progression curve. Traffic increases, flight procedure changes, and new terminals and runways can alter an airport’s noise footprint and community awareness of airport operations.

Beyond the minimum noise monitoring requirements for planning permission or noise abatement rules, best-practice programs aim to build trust and expand social license through education and communication. By engaging communities online, airports can cost-effectively share data that builds community trust and tolerance.

Learn more about airport community engagement and complaint handling

Our airport environment management expertise

We’re the global leader in airport environment management solutions – with a regional and local presence in more than 50 countries.

Our expert advice, continually evolving products and professional services are unrivaled in the industry.

For 30 years we’ve partnered with 230+ large and small airports to provide a broad range of proven solutions.

We take quality and the environment seriously, with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

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