Data integrity when it matters

Aircraft noise continues to be one of the main concerns and problems for airport managers. While the technology for aircraft continue to evolve and become quieter, the growing amount of air traffic globally means that more and more people are exposed to air traffic noise. According to a recent World Health Organization report, aircraft noise [...]

Madrid, pioneering a city-wide noise monitoring network

Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain, has more than 3 million inhabitants in a highly urbanised area. As such, it is the central point of infrastructure for the country’s main highways, railways and airports. With such high density in a small space, it’s only 604km2, the city has identified that air pollution including [...]

How technology advances have taken Remote Noise Monitoring to the next level, helping companies to mobilise faster

Long term noise monitoring for airports, industrial facilities and construction projects has been well established over many years, generally done with the purpose of demonstrating compliance with regulatory standards or reporting compliance breaches. Meaning these systems have traditionally only enabled reactive use of the captured noise data. Technology has advanced in such a way that [...]

How combining noise monitoring with video and audio can help keep your projects on track

Construction and engineering (C&E) is a growing industry, currently generating nearly $10 trillion in revenue or about 6% of global GDP. Covering cities, ports, infrastructure and mining just to name a few sub-sectors, C&E plays a huge role in driving the economy. However, at the rate at which the industry is growing, technological advancement in [...]

Three steps to measuring construction noise on projects

If you work in construction and engineering, you know why construction noise monitoring is important. Too much noise can cause tension with neighboring residents and businesses. It can also lead to costly fines or operational shut-down. However, a proactive approach to noise monitoring can help you to avoid these problems. It can also improve efficiency [...]

How to Monitor Mining Noise

A step by step guide Monitoring mining noise is important, but it's not difficult. You just need to learn the different equipment and techniques that you need to be successful. If you work in mining, you know noise monitoring is critical. You must comply with regulations, and you want to get along with the neighbours. [...]

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