Calibration and Verification Services

Regular calibration ensures high data quality and documentation, minimizes the risk of errors, and reduces associated costs. By calibrating measurement products on a regular basis, you ensure high data quality and documentation, minimize the risk of errors, and reduce associated costs.

Calibration and verification services

Our calibration services help you meet national and international requirements regarding accredited and traceable calibration services for instrumentation as well as for field calibrators and pistonphones.

We provide add-on calibration services for sound level and vibration meters, and for calibrators and pistonphones: accredited calibration and traceable calibration.

Accredited calibrations are traceable to national institutes (DPLA, NIST, NPL, PTB) and provide proof that calibration is in accordance with ISO quality standard.

Zagreb airport noise monitoring terminal and plane
Noise Logger outdoors and unattended


Certificates provided:

  • Can be used as legally accepted documentation
  • Are internationally recognized (based on mutual recognition agreements)
  • Include measurement results and associated uncertainties

Traceable calibration including measurement results is traceable to national institutes (DPLA, NIST, NPL, PTB)

Measurements are performed according to the relevant standards such as IEC 61672, IEC 61260 or IEC 60942.

Calibration can be provided together with initial purchase or delivery of the instrumentation, and every 1 or 2 years depending on the national or industry requirements and preferences. This enables us to meet for example the ISO 20906 airport noise monitoring standard.

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