Environmental Monitoring Unit EMU

The EMU Environmental Monitoring Unit, is the latest innovative solution from EMS Brüel & Kjaer. Combining continuous real-time noise, vibration, weather and blast overpressure monitoring in a single unit, this simple to use instrument will provide high quality data to meet compliance standards – across all industries. Built with the environment in mind, the EMU is the newest asset for world leading airports, mining and construction organisations, and government authorities.

Built for all environments

No matter the industry, the EMU is built to provide you with a remote access, continuous monitoring solution that captures multiple environmental measurements – all in a single unit. 

Assess nuisance around outdoor facilities and ensure compliance with operating limits, monitor vibration and blast overpressure at mining sites, assess structural impact during construction projects and capture ambient vibration monitoring around sensitive equipment at hospitals.  

Each unit comes complete with sensors, analyzer, storage, battery and cellular/Wi-Fi communication in a rugged water- and dustproof enclosure so you can simply unpack, connect, switch it on and start capturing data – anywhere.

Continuous vibration monitoring

EMU for compliance

For compliance and stakeholder management

Complex environments such as airports, mining sites and construction projects are often highly regulated by environmental legislation to meet the changing patterns of population and economic growth

For users, the EMU is your newest strategic asset providing multiple environmental measures in a single unitallowing you to focus on the project and asset at handwhile capturing data and insights to build positive community relations with real-time, 24-7 monitoring.  

The highest quality for performance

As with all EMS Brüel & Kjaer solutions, the EMU is built to last. The unit is robust and built to withstand harsh conditions to ensure it is operational and measuring accurately – no matter the environment. 

With it’s superior build, the EMU continues to meet requirements after it has been deployed in the field, meaning you can rest assured that it will continue to perform – year on year. 

We pride ourselves on our investment in R&D, to ensure we deliver the highest levels of performance. 

EMU on site
Vibration Monitoring

Fully integrated and simple to use

Combining several environmental standards, the EMU is your single source of truth when it comes to unattended monitoring of noise, ground vibration, weather and blast overpressure.

fully integrated solution, the EMU combines measurement, remote communication, system monitoring and power supply making it easier and faster to setup, while being cost-effective to operate and maintain over time. 

Get up and running in minutes, not hours. 

A complete and continuous data set

Designed to operate standalone or in conjunction with other sensors as part of a Sentinel or ANOMS managed service, the EMU can record and stream data over a cellular router or via Wi-Fi.

The highest quality in precision measurement, the EMU provides you with peace of mind when capturing data for compliance and legislation.

With self-monitoring and auto-restart capabilities for increased uptime, the EMU provides data you can trust – whenever you need it. 


Continuous vibration monitoring

Key features and accessories

Reduce total monitoring cost and demands on your time with the EMU:

  • Noise, weather, vibration and blast overpressure in a single outdoor monitoring unit delivers ease of use and cost savings
  • Fully integrated solution combining measurement, remote communication, system monitoring and power supply, so procurement, setup, operation and maintenance is simpler
  • Up and running in seconds
  • Powered by mains power, external battery pack
  • Option for continuous operation on solar power
  • Integrated backup battery maintains operation under solar at night or while external batteries are changed
  • Permanent or portable configurations, ground or pole mounted
  • Available as noise only, vibration only or combined


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