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With airspace changes increasing, noise complaints are on the rise. Handling the volume of complaints is rapidly becoming an unmanageable burden on noise office staff.

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Capture ATC instructions to enhance insight into deviations, and improve track-keeping statistics and noise abatement procedure compliance, with the ATC Voice Recorder.

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The relentless need for more airspace capacity and reduced airline costs is driving massive change in flight procedures. While noise models may indicate there’s no significant impact from changes, your community might perceive otherwise. ANMOD helps you perform airport noise monitoring when and where you need it.

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TechMDinc needed to monitor noise during a weekend-long music festival at Rose Bowl Stadium in California. The company required a self-contained system with enough power for the event’s entire duration without any in-person intervention.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA Mumbai) applies a balanced approach for identifying and analyzing noise levels in order to reduce its impact on the surrounding community. The airport required a comprehensive system to monitor sound levels and report compliance with the latest national and international aviation legislation.

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For Manchester Airports Group (M.A.G), upgrading their noise management technology was a unique opportunity to optimize operations across its network of UK airports and build on its well-established Corporate Social Responsibility program.

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The entertainment industry is critical to the livelihood of Austin, Texas. Equally important is the quality of life for Austin’s residents. The city required a noise monitoring solution that would allow it to continue hosting major events while minimizing noise impact on neighbors.

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Vale S.A. needed a noise monitoring system to measure, communicate, report and reduce its noise impact on nearby communities.

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Project C501 Moorgate Shaft is part of the Crossrail infrastructure project that will create a new rail link across London from west to east. Over 42km of underground tunnels will link London’s main business centers in a project that is expected to start operation in 2018 and be fully operational in 2019.

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The Panum Institute Science Tower is a new construction development for the University of Copenhagen medical center, to house an international biomedical center, research and laboratory facilities. When the Environmental Impact Study for this large building project specified day- and night-time noise limits, the construction company turned to us.

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