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CINOTECH Consultants Limited is a consulting firm specializing in environmental management, feasibility studies and system integration. The consultancy was contracted by MTR Corporation Limited to assess ground-borne noise from tunneling works at its Whampoa railway station project.

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The City of Seattle received numerous complaints from neighbors near an urban recycling plant, but noise levels never breached regulations when measurements were taken. Seattle needed a short-term noise monitoring service that collected data 24 hours a day to detect if acceptable levels were being exceeded so it could respond accordingly.

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Redeveloping the historic Hollinger Mine into an open-pit operation at Porcupine Gold Mines has raised concerns about environmental impacts in the community of Timmins. Although mines have been operating for over 100 years in the area, close proximity to the city means a greater emphasis must be placed on mitigating the impacts on all stakeholders.

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Port Metro Vancouver sought to enhance community relations by better monitoring and managing its noise impact. As Canada’s largest and busiest port, it’s critical that it maintain maximum operations and business growth while transparently communicating and engaging with the public.

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A project to modernise Twickenham railway station before the 2015 Rugby World Cup faced neighbors who are sensitive to noise. An outsourced monitoring solution ensured legal compliance and provided a web-based interface. Sharing data with the community and construction company built trust, reducing complaints and helping to avoid delays and fines.

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Noise monitoring does not require a large amount of expertise or investment in expensive equipment. DELTA learned how measurement projects with high technology demands could easily be solved with a Sentinel On Demand subscription.

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Tomingley Gold Operations (TGO) needed to control their noise impact on the nearby community of Tomingley. The mine has great focus on keeping a good relationship with their neighbours and noise control is a prerequisite for obtaining and keeping their Project Approval License. TGO is using Noise Sentinel for 24/7 noise monitoring and management, in combination with a remotely located, independent noise consultant.

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Eurocontrol S.A. is a market leader in inspection, quality control, testing and technical assistance related to the Regulatory Inspection industry. Eurocontrol was commissioned by Acciona, a leader in the development and management of infrastructure and renewable energy, to monitor noise at a construction site where it needed to extend operations into the night.

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England’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) commissioned the world’s largest noise mapping project, calculating sound levels across all of England’s major transportation and urban areas.

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