Our range of instrumentation provides you with continuous, real-time noise, vibration, air quality, weather and blast overpressure monitoring, together with the high quality data to meet compliance standards – across all industries. Our instrumentation includes the Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU), Noise Monitoring Terminals, Vibration Monitoring Terminals, and Noise Loggers.

Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU)

The EMU Environmental Monitoring Unit, is the latest innovative solution from EMS Brüel & Kjaer. Combining continuous real-time noise, vibration, weather and blast overpressure monitoring in a single unit, this simple to use instrument will provide high quality data to meet compliance standards – across all industries. Built with the environment in mind, the EMU is the newest asset for world leading airports, mining and construction organisations, and government authorities.

Key benefits:

  • Continuous and remote monitoring
  • Captures multiple environmental measurements, including noise, vibration, weather and blast overpressure in a single unit
  • Complete with sensors, analyzer, storage, battery and cellular/Wi-Fi communication in a rugged water – and dustproof enclosure.
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environmental Monitoring Unit

Portable Noise Monitoring

Noise Monitoring Teminal (NMT)

Record and remotely access environmental sound levels with permanent, portable and mobile unattended noise monitoring terminals. Use the permanent and portable monitors to demonstrate compliance with regulations, avoid breaching noise restrictions, limit noise impact and improve noise maps. Reduce monitoring costs and demands on valuable time while accurately recording your noise exposure.

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Vibration Monitoring Unit (VMT)

Continuous vibration monitoring enables you to confidently analyze your impact and avoid issues with the local community. Save time by remotely accessing real-time and historical vibration levels with our portable vibration monitoring terminal and web-based software system. With the add-on blast overpressure microphone you can measure the impact of mining blasts. The VMT is part of the Environmental Monitoring Unit EMU family.

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Noise Loggers

Noise Loggers

Monitor noise as often as required for compliance investigations. Assess sound levels across short or long periods of time to determine the impact on nearby communities or to investigate locations for permanent installations. Increase your productivity and reduce operating costs by using Noise Loggers to record your continuous, unattended sound level measurements in real-time.

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