Noise Loggers for Assessing Environmental Sound Levels

Increase your productivity and reduce operating costs by using Noise Logger to record your continuous, unattended sound level measurements.

Demonstrate sound level compliance

Our Noise Logger provides unattended noise measurements efficiently, accurately and reliably. Use it to:

  • Reliably record real-time and historical noise level measurements while you’re off site
  • Accurately log – and remotely access – data to determine environmental impact
  • Confidently show regulatory compliance
Noise Logger assembled near digger

Effectively conduct complaint investigations

With continuous, independent operation, Noise Logger efficiently records noise levels. Its accurate information enables you to confidently investigate complaints.

  • Log noise data over long periods of time to examine sound levels
  • Use data to easily identify noise sources
  • Quickly resolve complaints with trusted, factual information

Gain approval for planned changes and new operational licenses

Real-time noise data logging is often required when planning new developments or requesting a change in operating conditions. Noise Logger reliably enables you to:

  • Capture data to comply with environmental assessment regulations
  • Save time by more quickly analyzing and reporting on data captured

Noise Logger portable system

Key Noise Logger features

  • Portable, single unit with independent operation
  • Intelligently packaged for easy transportation and on-site setup
  • Provides Class 1 sound level measurements
  • 18W solar panel provides ongoing logging without expensive site visits to swap batteries
  • 32 Ah battery and 8 GB SD card guarantee a minimum of six days of day operation
  • Durable case with no exposed cables and an integrated microphone mast that’s wild-life resistant
  • Available as a complete system (with or without a router) or as a kit with your own Bruel & Kjaer Type 2250 sound level meter
  • Use it stand-alone or with our Sentinel environmental monitoring systems

Why monitor environmental exposure?

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