Environmental Noise Analysis Software – Predictor Analyst

More efficiently organize, accumulate, view, analyze and publish noise maps and other environmental parameters such as air quality and odor.

Environmental noise analysis software

  • Draw and assess noise maps
  • Evaluate environmental aspects including odor and air quality
  • Perform spatial analysis and create noise maps for web publishing without learning or buying a Geographic Information System (GIS)
environmental noise analysis software - Predictor Analyst
Noise, odor and air quality analysis software - Predictor Analyst

Key features

  • View GIS maps while staying in control of interpolation and accumulation
  • Structure results per period (day, evening, night) and per type of noise (industry, urban road traffic, suburban road traffic, railroad traffic, shipping and aviation)
  • Based on a fast triangulation algorithm, color-filled contours can be shown per individual type of noise or accumulated to show several noise types
  • Analyze the number of exposed people and dwellings, as well as determine the area exposed to noise

Predictor Analyst Capabilities

  • Powerful presentation and analysis tool
  • Import results from any calculation software including Predictor, LimA, STACKS, ArcGIS and MapInfo
  • Results in x, y, z format can be read from other prediction software packages, such as Predictor-LimA
  • Export option to HTML for noise maps publication on the Internet
  • Support European Noise Directive (END) 2002/49/EC Strategic Noise Maps and Action Plans
Environmental noise analysis software - Predictor Analyst

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