Reduce project risk and improve delivery with Sentinel on Demand

Sentinel on Demand

Increase site efficiency and productivity within environmental constraints with Sentinel on Demand. The end-to-end service provides a smarter approach to managing environmental factors and improving community relations so you can focus on core business activities.

The online subscription services enable you to remotely monitor noise, vibration, dust and air quality:

  • Confidently engage with the community and other stakeholders to reduce project risk and protect your bottom line
  • Know the impact of project works as they are happening and prove you are compliant and take corrective action before breaches occur
  • Maximise site operations with exceeding regulatory limits, so you can deliver faster.

Cost-effective environmental management

The unattended systems accurately measure the enviornmental impacts of project works in real time, empowering you to

  • Assess noise to reduce your levels and prevent community annoyance
  • Manage excessive vibration to decrease the risk of building damage or disruption to sensitive equipment
  • Monitor dust and air quality to ensure compliance with health and safety standards and reduce community impact.
Sentinel environmental management overview screenshot

Environmental compliance monitoring systems

Monitor, manage and predict enviornmental impacts with Sentinel on Demand to

  • Automatically report environmental compliance with the click of a button
  • Avoid regulatory penalties that impede operations
  • Gain approval of a planned change that impacts the community
  • Enhance regulator and community relations

The online systems help prevent exceedances by automatically issuing real-time alerts. You can act quickly to avoid breaching set limits and disturbing the community.

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